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  • How to place reinforcement in concrete structures

    Reinforcement placement is an important aspect of constructing concrete structures as it ensures the strength and durability of the structure. Here are some steps for placing reinforcement in concrete structures: DETERMINE THE REINFORCEMENT DESIGN The reinforcement design is dependent on the structural design and specifications. The reinforcement design done by your Civil/ Structural Engineer should……

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  • How to identify and assess hazards on a construction site!

    Identifying and assessing hazards is an essential part of construction safety and risk management. Hazards can come in many forms, including physical hazards like falls and electrical shocks, chemical hazards from exposure to harmful substances, and biological hazards like exposure to infectious diseases. Here are some steps to identify and assess hazards on a construction……

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  • How to design and maintain sustainable landscaping around buildings!

    Sustainable landscaping is an important aspect of sustainable building design and construction. Here are some ways to design and maintain sustainable landscaping around buildings: Native Plants Using native plants like Acacia for Zambia in landscaping can reduce water consumption and maintenance needs, as they are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Using native……

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  • The importance of Geotechnical Engineering in Construction

            Geotechnical engineering is essential in construction for several reasons: SITE INVESTIGATION Before any construction project begins, geotechnical engineers conduct site investigations to determine the geologic and hydrologic conditions of the site. This information is essential in designing and constructing foundations and other structures that can withstand the loads imposed on them. Site investigations are……

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  • Cost Estimation and Budgeting for Construction Projects

    Cost Estimation is a very important role in construction. This article states the major steps involved in estimating costs of various construction projects. #costengineering #costestimation #construction #infrastructure #builtenvironment #sustainableengineering #sustainability

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  • Principles of Sustainable Building Design and Construction

    A short article highlighting the principles of sustainable design and construction

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