Having worked for a publishing house, Mission Press, Zambia, as Transcriber and Editor of books in 2014, I developed great interest in writing. Thus, I started a blog on WordPress which garnered over 500 views daily where I expressed my thoughts about life in general through writing. This hobby I had developed would later on spill over to my social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn, which I have since deactivated. I still have my blog updated with my domain name www.nuttahmumbi.com though I had to delete some of my old posts. It now serves as my online resume.

In 2015, I wrote an article on LinkedIn expressing concern on how small construction firms then would ask me for advice on how to go about managing their companies and projects. I was only a fifth year undergraduate civil engineering student then and it was surprising to see players in the industry with experience wanting to get my view on serious issues to deal with construction. This consideration from many fueled my interest in contributing positively to the construction industry to foster good infrastructure development.

I had chance and opportunity to dive right through the entrepreneurial journey of the construction industry immediately post- graduation as I come from a business-oriented family but I thought of first gaining experience from a broader angle. I am glad I chose this path because from the terraces, I have been able to have an aerial view of all three common parties to a construction project namely; client, consultant and contractor. Because of this approach I had towards the construction industry from the word “go”, I have taken time over the past five years studying the management dynamics of all three players of the construction industry with particular interest in the contractor. Therefore, when I speak of the contractor, I speak from a place of experience both as one at the receiving end as well as at the giving end.

In October of 2020, I decided I was going to start making YouTube videos on construction to answer some questions I keep getting from many individuals concerning their construction projects. This has been a result of the fact that I have served in local authorities for nearly four years in which a part of my main responsibilities has been to scrutinize all engineering designs of district buildings and civil structures brought to my attention. When scrutinizing, I usually take time to write a detailed report on what needs to be done for improvement or what is not required; I do not just bluntly accept or reject a proposed design because I believe the other party deserves the right to know where they went wrong if any amendments have to be made.

I am truly glad to have brought this journey of many years to light at a time when I have authentic industry experience and I am an admitted and registered professional engineer with both the Engineering Institution of Zambia and the Engineering Registration Board. My desire to positively impact the construction industry with the “constructor” as my particular interest prompted me to look forward to acquiring advanced education in project management because it cuts across all aspects of an organization or institution running projects of diverse nature.

I wish you joy as you read my well researched articles with citations, real life examples and references. I have truly taken my time to collect and dissect as much information in order to deliver exactly what I deem suitable for you my fellow Construction Enthusiasts.

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