Major types of floors for residential properties

This is the most common type of floor. It is cost effective and can be aesthetically appealing if well managed. Generally, it is not easy to keep a well polished look consistently. The mix ratios used for this type of floor are 1:3 and/ or 1:4.

cement- concrete floor


This is a type of concrete floor shown below used mainly on high traffic floors. The mix ratios used are 1:2 and/ or 1:1 with minimum thickness of 10mm in panels of 1.2m by 1.2m and above depending on coverage area and preference. You are at liberty to have them well polished as desired and should not give you much of a problem to maintain. They are quite expensive but their durability compensates.

Terrazzo floor type


This is a type of floor that involves different patterns; they can either be made of terrazzo or different types of tiles such as ceramic tiles or even PVC. This type of floor comes in handy when you have broken tiles or rather different types of tiles and in different shapes that you would rather put to good use than throw away. You really have to be creative with this type of floor because the likelihood of coming up with something not aesthetically appealing is high.

Mosaic floor type


a) PVC Tiles

PVC is a type of heavy duty plastic, a short form of Polyvinyl Chloride. This type of tiles are easy to clean, durable and usually cheaper than the other types of tiles. They come in different types of colours and designs.

PVC floor type

b) Wooden tiles

This type of floor could be great to the eye especially when well polished and maintained, however, it is more prone to abrasion, termite attack and wear than any other type of floor. They are not so easy to maintain and therefore need proper care and attention to enhance their durability.

Wooden floor type


comparison between ceramic and porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles

Ceramic tiles

There are several other types of floor coverings you could go for which include but are not limited to woven carpets, marbles etc.

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