Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, crushed stone and water in suitable proportions. Though there are several other building materials discovered in the past, concrete is still popular in construction. Below are some properties of fresh concrete that you should look out for.

Fresh concrete


The constituents of concrete should be free from segregation (separation). They should be able to mix and stay mixed to prevent loss of strength when hardened.


Concrete should have good workability; easy to mix, transport and place in a homogeneous state. This depends on the quality and quantity of constituents used.


Bleeding is the oozing out of water from the freshly mixed concrete. Unlike segregation where all constituents just don’t mix well, bleeding causes only the water to leave making the concrete weak.


The surface of concrete should not be rough (harsh) in order to prevent a permeable end product that allows water to easily seep through once hardened.

Reference: Khurmi R S and Gupta J K (2013), Civil Engineering (conventional and objective type), Eurasia Publishing House PVT LTD, Ram Nagar, New Delhi, India


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    1. This is concrete manufactured under high pressures (compression) to strengthen it so as to prevent cracks and reduce its volume. It’s commonly uses for bridge decks but can also be used for columns and beams which are common on residential property.


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