The past one year, a number of enquiries on the possibility for mentorship or career guidance by the Lady Engineer in the construction industry have been received which shows that there truly is a need in the industry. There are quite a good number of leadership fellowships and mentorship programs around that one would join and I can testify that they are usually great programs as I am a beneficiary. A few months to my graduation from undergraduate studies, I had applied for a mentorship program organised by the USAID and the Zambian Ministry of Gender. I luckily enough got shortlisted for interviews and made it through to the end. The skills and knowledge I acquired from this program have been very helpful throughout my career. Every time I feel like I am losing track, I go back to the lessons and emails we shared with my Mentor to remind myself of my career goals.

It has always been a great pleasure for me to informally mentor young people that are in my industry because of the love I have received and continue to receive from my mentors, they motivate me to give back to society. I am therefore glad to introduce this career guidance program as one of the programs under “Savvy Club” in conjunction with “The Lady Engineer” brand because it is specific to the construction industry. Savvy Club is a registered non- profit organisation I founded in 2017 with eight other young highly talented and intelligent people. Its main objective is to advocate for Financial and Digital Literacy through well meaning programs such as this career guidance program. This career guidance program is free of charge and will be completely virtual. Therefore as an applicant, ensure you will have internet connection from the start to the end of the program.


  • You must be 30 years of age or less
  • You should either be a student or graduate (certificate, diploma, bachelors degree, masters degree) of any program in the construction sector which include civil engineering, architecture, construction economics, property studies, urban and regional planning, etc
  • You should be of African descent
  • You should be willing to finish up the program
  • You should be willing to mentor others in the construction industry thereafter

How to apply

  • Write a cover letter on not more than two pages explaining why you should be a 2022 VICS Guide
  • Write a curriculum vitae of not more than three pages clearly stating your academic qualification (s), work experience (paid or unpaid) in the construction industry, honours and awards received if any, research work if any and leadership positions held.
  • Indicate in your curriculum vitae at least one referee and their contact details
  • Send your application to with the subject 2022 VICS GUIDE- (your name)

Note: the cover page and curriculum vitae should be one document sent in either pdf or MS Word

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