Yowela Chomba, a Valuation Surveyor and Founder of Lamaison Investment Ltd, took advantage of the spark in demand for Swimming Pool Construction during the COVID- 19 pandemic

Yowela Chomba holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Land Economy (now called Real Estate) from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. He is currently running Lamaison, a construction company and out of his passion for banking and finance, he is a host for a programme called “Money Watch” on Spring TV, on part time basis.

After Graduation, Yowela joined Indeco Properties as Valuation Surveyor. He later joined the National Housing Authority before leaving for school in South Africa at the University of Pretoria where he pursued a Masters Degree in Real Estate. Mr Chomba later joined Knight Frank Zambia Limited as a Commercial Agent. While at Knight Frank, Yowela setup Lamaison Investment Limited in 2006 for property management, valuation and consultancy. After some time, Yowela joined the banking industry where he served as Head of Corporate Services at United Bank for Africa (UBA). While at UBA, Yowela helped set up the bank’s infrastructure including Information Technology infrastructure. Two and half years later, he joined Standard Chartered Bank where he served as Chief of Staff to the Managing Director for eight years. It was during his time at stanchart that Yowela incorporated other services to his company such as construction on top of property management, valuation and consultancy. He collaborated with two other colleagues experienced in the construction industry in order to propel their company’s success at this new service addition.

Whilst still at stanchart, Lamaison Investment Limited got quite a number of swimming pool construction jobs. In 2019, Mr Chomba quit his banking job to finally take on Lamaison fulltime. Towards the end of the year, the world experienced a dreadful pandemic, COVID-19, which resulted in lockdowns that made people stay home for long periods. Luckily for Lamaison, these lockdowns also resulted in a rise in demand for construction and rehabilitation of swimming pools. Most of the jobs Lamaison has worked on have been from the private sector. He said, “I feel it is easier to work with clients from the private sector rather than the public sector”. His biggest motivation for venturing into swimming pool construction emanated from his tours in different African countries like Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. He noticed that most properties in these countries had swimming pools which was so unlike his home country, Zambia. He however acknowledges the fact that Zambians are now slowly embracing the idea of having swimming pools on their property. “Architects nowadays include swimming pools in their designs, Yowela said he saw a gap in the construction industry and decided to seize the opportunity. When asked how Lamaison ensures they construct swimming pools that will stand the test of time, Mr Chomba said that his team comprises experienced staff that are constantly updating their knowledge on the particular sector. He wishes Lamaison to be the go to company for top notch swimming pool construction.

“Moreover, I saw a gap in the construction industry as swimming pool construction is a specialization”

Yowela Chomba

Swimming pools are not the only projects Mr Chomba and team have worked on, they have also had several projects on residential property such as paving, rehabilitations and construction from scratch as shown in the pictures below.

Lamaison is a registered company under the laws of Zambia. It is also registered with the National Council for Construction in Grades 6R and 6B. Mr Chomba who is a hands on person, prides in his team’s great work ethics; they always put their client first. “We believe in delivering quality so that our finished works do the advertising for us as well, said Yowela”. The magnitude of the project does not matter, they are all about delivering quality.

To contact them for works and/ or collaborations, check their flyer on top of this post.

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