At only 26, Kayinda Muchepa, a female Civil Engineer runs her own construction firm

Kayinda Muchepa, Civil Engineer

Kayinda Muchepa, is a female Associate Civil Engineer from the Copperbelt University. At only 26 years old, Kayinda has been running a construction company as a civil engineering contractor for over a year now. 

“My company name is A.B.M Construction Company Ltd, and was established in March, 2021”- Kayinda

A.B.M. construction company specialises in general building construction and civil engineering works. The company also offers other independent services such as design, concrete works, pavements, bulkhead design and ceilings, tiling, remodelling, fixtures and fittings. A.B.M.’s niche as a company is building fuel services stations.

Currently, the company’s works include a fuel service station along Tokyo way, construction of school classrooms, children’s school shelter and remodelling a school hall in  storied building with classrooms. A.B.M is also a contractor for a copper processing plant in Mumbwa. Other than that, Kayinda has through her construction company engaged in bespoke project management and other design work and remodelling projects.

Below are some of the works done by A.B.M. construction company limited:

Kayinda’s main company goal is to be one of the leading construction companies in the country and the number one go to civil engineering contractor.

“My vision is to bring sustainable methods of construction onto our local market and raise the flag of quality control and standard work. I want to change the narrative of the “Zambian contractor” and also be an example to young women that they too can lead STEM related businesses and be amongst the best.”- Kayinda

Visit the company website on for enquiries and collaborations

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