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About the site

The Lady Engineer is an innovative tech-driven engineering and construction platform. This platform offers online access to engineering consultancy, career coaching and engineering masterclasses. It also acts as a catalyst for connecting clients, contractors and suppliers in construction and engineering.

Regardless of your gender, whether you’re seeking to supercharge your career through coaching, expand your knowledge with master classes, amplify your brand’s impact, or access top-tier engineering consultancy, you’ve arrived at your destination. Join us in sculpting success, breaking barriers, and leaving your mark with The Lady Engineer by your side.

The Lady Engineer is a for profit business.


To empower entities in engineering and construction while promoting sustainability within the industry.


To establish global recognition for nurturing engineering excellence, advocating inclusivity, and advancing eco- conscious practices in the built environment.

Core Values

  • Sustainability
  • Inclusivity
  • Excellence
  • Respect


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